Shepherd Mac App


How do I launch Shepherd on start up?

You can open Shepherd through applications. Click on the Shepherd logo in the menu bar at the top of the screen. Click Preferences and check the box that says “Allow Shepherd to start automatically.”, click Apply.


Alternatively if you facing issues. You can open System Preferences on you Mac, go to Users & Groups, select the user you wish to enable the automatically launch on and switch to the login items tab. Towards the bottom of the screen there is a “+” symbol. Click on the plus symbol and add Shepherd to your log in items.


How to I remove or edit which applications are launched?

To add items to for Shepherd to launch click on the “Add” tab in the menu bar. Select the item you wish to add and click open. Hold shift and select multiple items if you wish.


To edit the current launched items tap on the “Edit” tab in the menu bar. You will see a list of application that Shepherd starts. To remove an application swipe your track pad from right to left over the specific application. You will see a delete button appear. Tap that and that application will be remove from the launch items. Easy.


Is it safe?

Shepherd is 100% safe. It does not open applications without your permission. It also does not alter, save or edit any contents of your applications. It simple helps you start your day faster.


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