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About Enamic Software

Enamic Software is the beginning of a dream to offer others tools to assist with creation and inspiration in line with mobile and mac development. We look to offer users of our applications doorways into their creative side and to help speed up productivity in our day to day lives filled with activities.

Latest Work

A small portfolio of the lastest work, from iOS apps, to Mac application and open source GitHub software.


Shepherd enables you to start the applications you need for the day, with a single click. The application allows you to open and edit multiple applications with a single click and swipe.

SA Political Stickers

The South African political landscape is full of recognisable faces and characters. Why not use the lighter side of politics in your day to day iMessages application.

Pet Names

An app that helps find a name for your beloved pet with a simple shake of your phone. Simple, easy to use and all you need to find possible pet names. Shake for random names or choose by any letter of the alphabet.

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Cape Town, South Africa

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