3D Product Modeling

What do we do?

Simply put we produce 3D product models of real life goods for customers to view and interact with online. These models offer an entirely new dimension to the old and conventional 2D images used to display online catalogs and goods. Integrated into 3D product modelling is the benefit of augmented reality for your online products to be perceived in the real world.

3D modelling offers customers greater knowledge about a product’s visual characteristics and texture and with the increased availability of augmented reality on your smart phone, it allows customers to project a potential product into their home or life, on their device.

3D Modeling

Running Shoe

Asics Gel-Content 4 Training Shoe

The running shoe can be rotated and viewed from all angle. This allows customers to view every texture and detailed of the shoe, without having to see it in store. Potential customers can note the soles grip and groves and even get a virtual feel of the trainers mesh, rubber and platic materials.

Wooden Container

Desk Storage

A wooden desk container suitable for storing and consolidating items that usually clutter your desk. You can notice even the details of the steel edges enforced and bound by the brass pins.

Products in Augmented Reality

Why use augutmented reality?

Augmented reality can offer customers further insight into the products look and feel. This can be greatly beneficial when a customer needs to compare a product to a surrounding environment, e.g. a table in a living room, or matching a potential clothing item with an item they have at home.

Where can I use 3D product modeling and how does it benefit my business?


A wide variety of 3D products can be covered from  clothing, furniture, footwear and decor.


You can add some spice to your food selection  viewing food dishes in 3D or augmented reality.

Improved Product Enagament

Clients can view and further understand the details and texture of products.

E-commerce Websites

3D models are easily insertable into an e-commerce websites with just a snippet of code.

Enagement with clients

Each potential client spends more time enagging with your product.

Sales Growth

Improved product and client engament leads to further sales growth and revenue for you business.

View in Augmented Reality

3D models can be viewed in AR and customer can envision products in real life surroundings.


3D models can be shared through social media and links to reach a greater audience.